Jefferson Hack

Jefferson Hack

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Né en 1971, il est le co-fondateur et le rédacteur en chef des magazines culturels et de mode Dazed and Confused, Another Magazine, et Another Man, ainsi que leurs déclinaisons numériques.

À 19 ans seulement, il crée Dazed & Confused avec le photographe Rankin alors étudiant au London College of Printing. En couverture, les premiers contributeurs sont Jarvis Cocker, Björk, Thom Yorke, tous relativement encore peu connus à l’époque. Il devient un patron de presse reconnu et influent.

À l’occasion des 25 ans du magazine, il publie aux éditions Rizzoli le livre We Can’t Do This Alone : Jefferson Hack the System, un titre révélateur de l’importance de la collaboration et de l’échange créatif dans sa carrière.

source : Creative Review

Anecdotes sur Björk

Björk cover shot by Rankin in 1995. “Björk was our first personality cover star, the previous ones had all been very conceptual,” writes Hack. “[Rankin] was absolutely adamant that he only wanted to see her eye on the cover,” he says.
It’s always been an unrealised ambition of mine to interview Björk under clinical hypnosis. Apparently the neural pathways open in unexpected ways under a deep, trance-like state and I find that fascinating—not least because she is someone who explores her own interior as an artist, the innermost workings of the heart and mind. What new memories will come to light ? What connections between her emotions and her work could be exposed and explored and a deeper and more profound understanding of her as an artist revealed ? I’ve always distrusted the classic interview format and have tried to subvert it wherever possible. For this book, Björk suggested we try something new and chat through emails. I couldn’t imagine a more generous, eventful, and surprising collaboration. It’s published here [in We Can’t Do This Alone], completely raw and un-edited, a transparent facsimile copy of our correspondence and a view into a brilliant mind ; dancing across subjects, emotions, interests and speculative theory—“just like a musical.”

1994’s “No Turning Back” issue introduced long-term collaborator Björk to Dazed’s readership for the first time, but as the feature’s title stated, she needed no introduction. Interviewed by co-founder Jefferson Hack, he paid tribute to the Icelandic musician in his editor‘s letter, writing that “Björk epitomises (the issue’s) attitude of self-conviction and as a star who remains unaffected by the pressures associated with her celebrity status... she is unique”. Having just released Debut at the time, the head-to-head between the two discusses the importance of making music for yourself, the dangers of being overexposed, and Björk’s own visual style.

Dazed & Confused - 1994

Collaborations avec Björk


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