La playlist de Björk dans Jmag

Dans le numéro 9 de Jmag, Björk nous fait partager sa playlist du moment :

Amalia Rodrigues - ’Povo Que Lavas No Rio’
"I enjoy so much how she has expanded herself emotionally but never bursts."

Kohsuke Atari - ’Kubanufu’
"A gorgeous song from southern Japan. I adore the vocal technique. Also the mood - kinda magical, and room for the listener. And the plucked strings rhythmic thing is almost modern sounding for such an ancient song !"

Oumou Sangare - ’Moussolou’
"Optimistic ! And they take on things with that rhythm ! Yet so effortless... She is an amazing singer. I adore how internal her letting go is."

Clipse - ’Ain’t Cha’
"Very effortless and musical hip-hop. It reminds me emotionally of some of the grace that sometimes came with Quincy Jones’s late ’70s stuff. "Hmm..." ? used as a chorus catch line, great ! Doubt with an exclamation mark ?!"

Nicolette - ’Dove Song’
"An all-time favourite. Such a relentless rhythm. And her playful, gorgeous vocals !"

Spank Rock - ’Rick Rubin’
Very fresh sounding. Fun. They just did a remix for me. I felt very honoured. And they played with us at the Harlem Apollo."

Cassie - ’Me & U’
"Just perfect compact pop. Simple sassy lyrics. Understated vocals, you sort of feel all the things she could have sung but didn’t."

Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft - ’Sato-Sato’
"One of my teenage loves, music that for me doesn’t grow old. Extremely sexy."

Olivier Messiaen - ’La Nativite Du Seigneur’
"With an organ that is like nature, structural but like a constellation of stars. Mysterious and euphoric, which is an unusual combination."

Missy Elliott - ’Slide’
"Some sort of modern blues. And really dirty too with them rave noises."

source : bjorkish lj

2 septembre 2007

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