Clip réalisé lors de la séance photo pour l’album Vulnicura.

« the video was created in collaboration between björk, inez & vinoodh and visual effects production house framestore. framestore created two main effects in the stars and the glowing embers that surround björk, as well as enhancing the video’s other-worldliness by extending her legs to unnatural proportions. the exquisite coloring for the piece was done by tim masick of company 3, turning her into the exotic, red-toothed, bronze dancer. »

Björk à propos du clip

I’ve got a really amazing relationship with the photographers, Inez and Vinoodh, who I’ve worked with now for like 16 years, 17 years. I actually just came from them now, just seeing the new video they’ve done for me. I’m like, almost in tears. They really made it happen again. They’re so understanding of me. I’m really grateful for their vision. I’m able to mirror myself in them.

Time - Mars 2015

Inez van Lamsweerde à propos du clip

Björk sent a beautiful video of a spider molting out of its own skin and becoming translucent, and then filling up with color again. For her, that was really the basis of the imagery around this album, this transformation and soft, waxy, yellow-pink coloring—and again, the idea of having emotions circling around her. She said she wanted to have a wound on her body, on her heart area, in an abstract way. From there, we worked with our stylist Mel Ottenberg on the character, and that’s when he found this black latex suit and the headpiece by a Japanese designer [Maiko Takeda], which she’d already worn once on stage. We constructed her persona with her on set—imagine you’re Mata Hari, a seductress, but you’re wounded, and there is an incredibly alluring softness around you. When we were photographing her, I said ‘Why don’t we pick a song and film you performing it, and see where that leads,’ just like we did with Moon. We filmed her as she performed Lion’s Song, off the album, and now we’re in the process of creating the edit and post-production for that video which will hopefully come out around summertime.

Artsy- Mars 2015

Inez & Vinoodh à propos du clip

"Le personnage du clip devait être doux comme une araignée qui attend dans sa toile et séductrice comme une danseuse de Bali moulée dans le bronze. On la voit au travers d’un microscope, mettant son cœur à nu, tout en nous déboussolant grâce à sa galaxie sanglante composée de blessures”

Noisey - Mars 2015





  • Inez+Vinoodh
  • Maiko Takeda
  • Staskauskas
  • Syren Couture