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Margrét Bjarnadóttir


Danseuse, chorégraphe et artiste plasticienne islandaise, elle a également joué dans des films.

You also choreographed Björk’s Utopia. How was this experience for you ? What was your inspiration ?

The song and the world of the song that Björk described to me, as well as the eleven flute players I was working with were the main inspiration. I had never choreographed flute players nor seen flute players dance while playing so it was an exciting thing to explore.

What are you working on at the moment ? What’s coming next ?

Margret : I´m working with Björk again for her upcoming festival tour this summer, choreographing the seven flute players who play live with her on stage in almost all the songs. It´s challenging and a lot of fun. We had two rehearsal shows in Iceland recently and then the tour starts in London at the end of May. After that I want to devote some time to writing. It´s been accumulating for some time now. I will also continue to develop my glass sculptures. There are so many things I want to do ! source :

Collaboration avec Björk

- Chorégraphe pour la vidéo Utopia
- Chorégraphe sur la tournée Utopia
- Chorégraphe sur tournée Cornucopia



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