Margrét Bjarnadóttir




  • Tournée Utopia 2018
  • Tournée Cornucopia 2019-2023

Margrét Bjarnadóttir

Chorégraphie | Danse

Danseuse, chorégraphe et artiste plasticienne islandaise, elle a également joué dans quelques films islandais.

A propos d’Utopia

You also choreographed Björk’s Utopia. How was this experience for you ? What was your inspiration ?_
The song and the world of the song that Björk described to me, as well as the eleven flute players I was working with were the main inspiration. I had never choreographed flute players nor seen flute players dance while playing so it was an exciting thing to explore._
What are you working on at the moment ? What’s coming next ?
Margret : I´m working with Björk again for her upcoming festival tour this summer, choreographing the seven flute players who play live with her on stage in almost all the songs. It´s challenging and a lot of fun. We had two rehearsal shows in Iceland recently and then the tour starts in London at the end of May. After that I want to devote some time to writing. It´s been accumulating for some time now. I will also continue to develop my glass sculptures. There are so many things I want to do !

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A propos de Cornucopia

"When Björk talked to me about her vision for this, she wanted to make the music present through movement, not just the sound they make with their flutes, but also the way they move.”
“With flute players, there are some restrictions, of course. I really like working with restrictions. There are just basic restrictions, like you can’t use hands, they’re always in a locked position. And breathing is really important to take into account, because they need their breathing, for their instrument.
“I didn’t know the flute so well – I’d never really held a flute in my life. I had to get to know how the flute player would move naturally, using that as an inspiration, but then exaggerating it, giving it some form. But I don’t think they ever feel restrained. It’s trying to find some way to make it feel natural for them.”

Dazed - Novembre 2019

Collaboration avec Björk