Max Weisel




  • Tournée Biophilia 2011-2013

Max Weisel

Conception | Facteur d’instrument - Développement | FX - Graphisme | Illustration

Développeur américain, il a réalisé les applications des titres Moon, Dark Matter et Solstice.

À propos de Max Weisel

Pitchfork : Did you just pick the developers based on apps you use yourself ?
B : Yeah. Soundrop by Max Weisel was the best one because it really is a musical instrument. It wasn’t just superficial. Max is this 18-year-old prodigy from Arizona. It was really interesting to see these different characters in one room and, since I was off a record contract, I really had no budget. So they were like, "OK, let’s do this for nothing and if there’s profit we share it." We didn’t even think of asking that. They just offered.



Il a été embarqué sur la tournée Biophilia à partir de la résidence new yorkaise et plus précisément depuis l’émission The Colbert Report.