Mica Levi




Mica Levi


Mica Levi (Micachu) est une chanteuse et compositrice anglaise connue pour son trio d’électro-pop minimaliste Micachu & The Shapes


- Lionsong (Kareokjeijd remix by Mica Levi)

A propos du remix

“mica is someone i have been following growing since 2008 , like a proud aunt , i might even have been at her first concert ? sooo exciting to witness her grow into a full on composer carry the weight of such things as "under the skin" ... and i still adore her upbeat stuff with tirzah too !!!” – Björk

“I did a karaoke version more than a remix, because I love her string arrangements and thought it would be an opportunity to draw attention to them. I hope Björk isn’t offended that I took her voice out, [but] you can hear it in your head – or sing along.” – Mica Levi


- Première partie des remixes de Vulnicura


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