my throat was stuffed
my mouth was sewn up
banned from making noise
i was not heard

all calmly

remove this hindrance
my throat feels stuck
i was not allowed
i was not heard

i was not heard
i was not heard
i was not heard

there is vocal sadness
i was separated
from what i can do
what i’m capable of

need to break up
vicious habits
do something
i haven’t done before

in vow of silence
explore the negative space
around your mouth
it implodes
black hole
with jaw fallen in
in fallen jaw
jaw fallen in
i am not hurt

this tunnel has enabled
thousands of sounds
i thank this trunk
noise pipe

i have followed a path
that took sacrifices
now i sacrifice this scar
can you cut it off

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Mouth Mantra


Production : Björk et Arca
Ecriture : Björk et Oddný Eir
Composition : Björk
Programmation : Björk et Arca
Ingénieurs du son : Chris Elms, Frank Arthur Blöndahl Cassata et Bart Migal
Mixage : The Haxan Cloak


Mouth Mantra (The Haxan Cloak) 6:24 The Haxan Cloak
Mouth Mantra (Strings version) 6:09 Vulnicura Strings