1. "Angel" - Shygirl x Fatima Al Qadiri
2. "Heaven" featuring Tinashe
3. "Crush" featuring Erika de Casier
4. "Woe" (I See It From Your Side) (Björk Remix)
5. "Shlut" featuring Sevdaliza
6. "Nike" featuring Deto Black
7. "Playboy / Positions"
8. "Poison" (Club Shy mix)
9. "Firefly" (Kingdom Edit)
10. "Wildfire" (Eartheater Remix)
11. "Unconditional" - Shygirl x Arca



Björk est invitée sur l’album Nymph_o à remixer le titre Woe.


Elle a écrit une nouvelle partie chantée, pour répondre aux interrogations de la chanteuse.



Shygirl told me in her lyric she is talking about both different amourous interests and fame
and how suddenly everyone wants something from you and you should be thrilled but you´re not ...
and i decided to take an angle as an older "amour" and give advice ... because in "woe" she is asking a question .
and i decided to reply to it from the SUFI angle which is : enjoy the wanting and the longing and NOT getting what you want but enjoy wanting it ...
how the whirling dervishes reach up when they turn , it is meant to represent that longing and being content with that ...
also on a more everyday personal level it is about sometimes when you are not satisfied in a relationship , you should not expect your partner to heal that or fix that ... rather look at him or her as a partner in crime or a fellow-not-getter .... another human with that insatiable longing

Björk, mars 2023


Shygirl remixée par Björk