Olivier Rousteing


Olivier Rousteing


Styliste français né en 1985. Il entre chez Balmain en 2009 comme responsable de studio et devient directeur artistique.

Travail avec Björk

Olivier Rousteing à propos de Björk

I have to say more and more
My journey has been blessed by working with the most incredible talents that always inspired me from before till now. I can’t wait to share with you this experience. Björk always been part of my deepest dream to work with. Her style , her talent , her charisma ,her beauty , her perfectionism are unique.
I don’t find any words to translate the emotions that i feel to explain what it means to work during these last monthes with you. Do you know what means « dreams come true » ? I feel it , I believe it. I can’t wait to share with you more about it. I wanna thank you @bjork to choose my couture collection to work with you and all your team for making to me and my Balmain team a dream come true.

“Björk has always been my inspiration and adoration,” ... “When I was 14-years-old in the cinema watching movies featuring Björk, I never would have expected that one day I would be working with her. When I got the call, I felt like a kid again, more than the Balmain designer.”Dazed

“I think the fact that she has no boundaries with her music, and with my fashion, I don’t have any boundaries—that’s where we connected, and that’s what she loved about the last couture show. Is it fashion ? Is it art ? Is it furniture ? What is that ? There’s no name. You can’t put it in a box. You cannot label it, and I think that’s what she loved."Vogue

Olivier Rousteing à propos de son travail sur Cornucopia

“I was really surprised because I wasn’t expecting her call at all,” ... “Life is full of surprises though and when Björk told me : ‘I want to dress in Balmain, I want my musicians draped in Balmain’, I thought ‘wow !’” ... “It was really interesting because when you are wearing Couture you’re probably not playing an instrument,” ... “We had to play with the shapes and make sure it was comfortable for each of them for all the instruments in the orchestra.” Dazed

“We had to re-create the image of the couture, made from pleated organza, silk, metal, plastic, some PVC, and embroideries, but making sure that you can walk and perform in that couture,” Vogue

"Expliquant qu’elle était intriguée par les silhouettes de mon défilé, Björk m’a défié d’en repenser les formes pour les adapter au fantastique paysage de rêve qu’elle et ses musiciens habiteront sur scène. En plus de s’assurer que tous les membres de la tournée seront habillés de manière à refléter la vision poétique de Björk, mon équipe et moi-même nous sommes assurés que nos pièces étaient adaptées à la performance de chaque artiste." Vogue

Björk à propos d’Olivier Rousteing

“It’s miraculous that Olivier went on this adventure with all his team and talent, they sent a whole magnificent Haute Couture team to spoil us in every way,” ... “I saw his last collection and felt we were very aligned ; especially with what I imagined my team of flute players to be. It’s often hard to describe music without words but Balmain really understands my esoteric descriptions.”Dazed