Projet musical scientifique en 3D ?

Björk et Michel Gondry, collaborateurs de longue date, seraient à nouveau réunis sur un projet commun. Le réalisateur a en effet confié au blog theplaylist préparer secrètement un projet musical scientifique en 3D IMAX.

« Nous avons un projet très ambitieux ; c’est une sorte de comédie musicale scientifique. C’est un film qui sera destiné pour les musées car il devrait durer environ 40 minutes. ».

Aucune autre info n’a filtré sur ce projet pour le moment.

edit 06/07/2011

Le projet est annulé, confirmation dans l’interview sur Pitchfork

But they said, "We do a lot of 3D movies— maybe this house could become a movie." So I started talking to Michel Gondry and we started writing a script for a 3D movie. I felt a little bit out of my element because suddenly there were like four billion meetings and budgets and everything. I’ve never done that before in my life, and it was suffocating.

After we wrote all the songs we started writing the script. But Michel got forced to go back to edit The Green Hornet for seven months— it was somewhat of a Barton Fink situation. So he couldn’t do our movie anymore. [Note : Gondry is still set to direct the video for "Crystalline".] But at the same time, the iPad came out. And we just got so excited about the first apps for it and thought, "This is exactly what we’ve been doing for two years— maybe the natural home for this project is not a film or a house, but this."

17 mars 2010

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