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River Studios

Développement | FX - Graphisme | Illustration

Studio spécialisé dans la réalité virtuelle situé à San Francisco.

Travail avec Björk

Vulnicura VR

A propos de Vulnicura VR

“In creating the experience we wanted to seamlessly blend browsing the album with Björk’s creative vision for her music. This allows the fans to interact with the songs in a way that they’ve haven’t done before,”

Ewan Johnson

“This project brings a new dimension to how we experience music. We’re truly excited to demonstrate to both artists and their fans how VR can be used as a malleable creative tool that broadens the connection between them.”

Sivan Iram

“Björk shares our vision that virtual reality now plays a major role in artful expression and we are delighted to pioneer this new art medium with her inspiring and fabulous team,”

Mike Rothenberg