She always knows when people need stroking
And is attracted deathbeds and divorces
I dreamed she cared for my dying grandfather
Lying naked face down on his bed
She insists on total presence
And knows how to get through to the rest of us
She has entered me thousandfold often
And undone knots at my most awkward

music loves too

She reaches out to orphans and refugees
Embraces them with her with thermal blankets
Her favorite childhood moments
We’re at a hospital for the disabled
i’ve seen her offer empathy to widows
She attends funerals of strangers
Her strongest memory
is feeding children with leprosy

music heals too
I’m here to defend it

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Paroles : Björk
Ecriture : Björk
Production : Björk et Arca
Mixage : Marta Salogni