Sign of the Times Covent Garden shop opening - Jeremy Deller


Ouverture de la boutique Sign of the Times à Covent Garden.

When you then opened the Sign of the Times shop in Covent Garden, what was the launch party like ?
We had the official launch party with Björk, who did it for free, at the start of Fashion Week. We had a Blackpool theme and window display. Björk officially opened the shop by jumping on a sandcastle. Some footage ended up on a Björk video shot by Stephane Sednaoui.


And it was amazing, because Bjork was coming in the shop a lot, because it turned out she didn’t know that many people in London and we always chatted to her, which sounds really ridiculous but that’s how things worked, we asked her to open the shop. [...]

Fiona Cartledge of Sign Of The Times

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