Tabula Rasa

Visuel du spectacle Cornucopia projeté pendant Tabula Rasa
Réalisation : Tobias Gremmler

Björk à propos de la vidéo

i am sooo o o o o o sublimely grateful for my 18 months of work with the incredibly talented Tobias Gremmler for cornucopia . it has been a journey through abstract descriptions of tiny sections of songs , details and nuances , skypes and texts and resting restless in the ambiguity of that meeting point between a song and a moving image . i would like to share one song , hope you like it . thank you !! warmth björk

Tobias Gremmler à propos de la vidéo

When creating the video, I was deeply inspired by the music and lyrics of Tabula Rasa. The visual transformation of Björkinto faun-like flowers and mountainous landscapes embodies the utopian concept of a harmonious coexistence between nature and human based on empathy.

Your latest project, the video for Bjork’s Tabula Rasa, has been inspired by the lyrics of the song, transcended into a personal animated interpretation. How did you envision this project in the early stages and what was the process from beginning to end ?
One of the strengths of Björk’s work is that it can be very personal and at the same time has universal relevance. We had many conversations about flowers and how they could be used to express grow, transformation and diversity. The main idea was to embody a constant state of metamorphosis, celebrating renewal. Thus, the visuals expressing certain aspects of the lyrics while still preserving space for interpretation. Clotmag

In “Tabula Rasa”, a human body more or less shapes shifts between different organic forms. What’s happening here is a natural algorithm that’s responsible for the formation and transformation of shape. So it’s almost like mixing a plant or flower with a human shape. There is also a certain level of unpredictability in there, it’s not just a controlled creative procedure, there are elements that act by themselves, like the way things are shifting or details of patterns appear. Dazed



  • Tobias Gremmler