My healed chest wound
Transformed into a gate
Where I receive love from
Where I give love from

And I care for you, care for you
I care for you
Care for you, care for you
I care for you, care for you

Split into many parts
Splattered light beams into prisms
That will reunite
If you

Care for me, care for me
If you care for me, care for me,
Care for me, care for me
And then I’ll care for you

I care for you, care for you
I care for you, care for you
Care for you, care for you

Didn’t use to be so needy
Just more broken than normal
Proud self-sufficiency
My silhouette is oval
It is a gate

I can care for you, care for you from
I can care for you, care for you
I care for you, care for you
I care for you, care for you
I care for you, care for you
You care for me, care for me,
Care for you

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The Gate

Septembre 2017

1er single du 9e album solo de Björk Utopia


Paroles : Björk
Ecriture : Björk et Arca
Production : Björk et Arca
Mixage : Marta Salogni


Le vinyle de The Gate est limité à 3000 exemplaires (source), et contient une version alternative du morceau, avec un mixage différent et une coda à la flûte.

Sample de l’album de Jean C. Roché

Sortie digitale : 15 septembre 2017 | Vinyle  : 22 septembre 2017

Annonce de la sortie

hello ,
it is time for the good news and healing to commence : there is a brand spanking new björk single approaching us , and we would like to give you the opportunity to secure one for yourself before everyone else . we think that is what you might want , and if you think so too , then we are all thinking as one , which is great !
anyway ! the single is called ’the gate’ , a push toward healing the hurts of the past and letting new color into life . it comes out on one-sided 12" vinyl on september 22 , but will be available for digital download on september 18 ; we hope you enjoy the love and let it help you find yourself in these troubled times .
be well , and stay safe ,

Björk à propos du titre

"the gate est une chanson d’amour mais je dis "amour" de manière plus transcendante. Vulnicura était une perte très personnelle, et je pense que ce nouvel album porte sur un amour encore plus grand. Il s’agit de redécouvrir l’amour mais d’une manière spirituelle, faute d’un meilleur mot"

Dazed, Août 2017

“you’re gonna eventually float up to the surface and become light and fluffy. This song is a documentation of that. It’s about almost like a metaphysical thing, where the wound of heartbreak – where you heart gets broken and your chest implodes – when that oval shape restores. It becomes a gate. And then you maybe discover, even more so than before, that it was there all along. It’s like a gate : when you’re next to people you love, you exchange energy.”


“The Gate” is the bridge from one album to the other, in a way, even though I didn’t write that song first. The wound featured in almost every video for Vulnicura changed into a gate that you can love from. Then the rest of the songs are in a new place.


Also, I used a vinyl album of Venezuelan music I had, [Hekura–Yanomamo Shamanism From Southern Venezuela], that was recorded in the ’70s—Venezuelan birds. The birds there sound completely different. They sound like R2-D2, or techno. There’s one beautiful sound that ended up in the beginning of “The Gate,” a recording of these birds that Venezuelans believe are the ghosts of fetuses. If they have stillborns or young children that die, they think they go into the jungle and make these sounds. They sound like ’70s analog synths. It’s one of my all-time favorite noises. I had sentimental feelings about that particular album. You can actually hear the scratches of the vinyl on the birds. It’s a layered affinity for me.


‘The Gate’, the first single, that was that sort of song. He sent me the instrumental and it was so perfect, it didn’t need any editing. Actually I take that back – it did need some editing [laughs]. So I wrote the flute arrangement and my vocals.



Björk just released a new single, and it’s straight-up haunting. “The Gate” clocks in at over six minutes, and features Björk’s ruminations on love. At one point, Björk claims that she “didn’t use to be so needy” after asking for reciprocal love in her lyrics : “If you care for me, care for me … And then I’ll care for you, care for you.” The poetic new song, which features flute, dissonance, and Björk’s trademark siren-like voice, is off of Björk’s forthcoming album that will be out in November.


Bjork introduces her still-untitled 9th LP with “The Gate” and it’s a sprawling, 6-minute+ ambient adventure. “My healed chest wound, transformed into a gate,” the Icelandic iconoclast muses over new age synths and layered vocals. “Where I receive love from, where I give love from.” The track then ambles towards its chorus over the kind of relaxing bleeps and beeps usually reserved for yoga studios. “And I care for you, care for you,” she wails. “I care for you, care for you.”
“The Gate” could be interpreted as modern poetry or complete gibberish depending on your standpoint, but it’s undeniably gorgeous and easy on the ears. Think Enya on acid.


The six-and-a-half-minute track opens like a hymn, with psalm-style vocals and minimal accompaniment followed by a series of digitized vocables reminiscent of singing whales. “My healed chest wound/Transformed into a gate,” Björk sings. What constitutes a hook—a repeated refrain of “I care for you, care for you”—is complemented by softly puttering synths, which become increasingly layered as the track progresses, punctuated by discrete moments of silence. “The Gate” reprises the stark emotionality of Vulnicura, but, if possible, the singer seems even more vulnerable : “Didn’t used to be so needy/Just more broken than normal,” she laments.

Slant Magazine

“I care for you, care for you/You care for me, care for me,” Björk declares in “The Gate,” the first glimpse of her next album. It’s a meditation on the possibility of love, at first speculative and then emphatic ; it also makes a direct transition from the imagery of her 2015 heartbreak album, “Vulnicura” : “My healed chest wound transformed into a gate/where I receive a love from, where I give a love from.” Untethered to a beat, the song moves in fitful gusts of melody, as Björk’s voice sets off flurries of flutes, of choir, of subtle electronics. It’s simultaneously bold and intimate.

NY Times


The Gate (single version) 6:39
The Gate (edit) 3:56
The Gate (vinyl edit) 7:32