These New Puritans


Biophilia Bastards

These New Puritans


Groupe anglais composé de Jack Barnett (auteur, chanteur), son frère jumeau George Barnett (batterie), Thomas Hein (basse et sampleur) et Sophie Sleigh-Johnson (claviers).

Ils ont remixé Mutual Core pour les Biophilia remix series.

Björk à propos d’eux

She admits to not really getting These New Puritans at first but tells me how she soon fell head over heels for them. “I listened to them when their album came out and I must have just been in the wrong mood or something but then, I don’t know why, about a year ago I put it on and it just clicked. I had a moment, for like two or three months, where I listened to it all day, every day. It’s like all or nothing with me, you know when you just fall for something, head over heels. I asked them about working with me and I was so surprised they were up for it.”

The Line Of Best Fit - Novembre 2012

It was the other way around with These New Puritans. "I got totally obsessed with him [TNP mainman Jack Barnett] two years after everyone else," she says. "I fell in love and listened to nothing else for two months. I thought, ’God, I have to ask him’. He said yes and I was really surprised." Surprised that a cult-y band from Southend-On-Sea would want to work with her ? "They were making their own album, for a start, and that’s hard enough..."

NME - Novembre 2012


  • Mutual Core (These New Puritans remix featuring solomon is. song’ )