this mood might not happen often
that i feel
i might breathe heavily, darling
but there’s so much hope
there is so much hope out there

i’ve been trying
so hard
to complete all the puzzles
to create a flow
to get the current, the warmth

we all know
the nourishment we all want
feed on
we want to feed on

and then only sometime
with the right amount of tears
in our eyes
and smiles on our lips

we know, we know
we know it was all worth it
we know, we know
it was all for a reason

let’s elevate
let’s elevate
let’s elevate
above now


Titre composé et enregistré lors des sessions de Volta, Björk ne l’a pas conservé sur l’album, mais le titre a été utilisé en tant que bande originale de la vidéo commémorative To lee, with love, réalisée par Nick Knight en hommage à Alexander McQueen.

Un article évoque la journée d’enregistrement de la chanson :

When the S.S. crept into Studio D at Sony Studios in New York, Björk stood amid seven French horns, belting out her latest song, “Pneumonia.” Barefoot, she seemed possessed by an otherworldly spirit, contorting her body to perfectly bend notes like only one lil’ Icelander can. “Now I’m trembling,” she told us afterward in the control room. “It’s like childbirth.” Björk was at Sony to lay down two tracks (”Trance” is the other), each a potential closer for her upcoming album, Volta. B started Volta in the autumn of 2005, focusing on creating a different mood than on her previous two discs, Medúlla and Vespertine. “I felt I was ready to be an extrovert again,” she says. “Apart from that, I just wanted to have fun.” Though she says that ninety percent of Volta was born from her sitting in front of a computer editing brass and tribal beats, the “extroverted” portion came when she invited collaborators. For instance, “Dull Flame” is a charming duet with Antony (of Antony and the Johnsons) ; for “Hope” she traveled to Mali to record with kora player Toumani Diabaté ; and on the first single, “Earth Intruders,” B teams up with Timbaland and the Congolese group Konono No. 1.

source :

Björk enregistre une prise vocale de Trance à 03:47.