« Björk est une nomade archétypale, qui mène des troupeaux de yaks géants à travers les montagnes. Elle pratique l’hydromancie pour décider si elle doit les faire descendre la rivière. Une seconde version d’elle-même, un corps porteur de douleur dans son sac à dos, germe et s’engage avec elle dans une scène d’action qui met en scène leur relation. La force qui a apellé Björk à descendre la rivière commence à se manifester dans sa tête et dans le monde réel. Ce personnage, le dieu de la rivière, est un attracteur transcendental qui l’attire dans le futur. » - Dazed Digital


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Making of + Interview New York times

Melena Ryzik talks to Bjork and the directing team ’Encyclopedia Pictura’ about the making of their new 3-D music video ’Wanderlust.

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Interview Encyclopedia Pictura

For the music video of Björk’s ‘Wanderlust’ the directing duo known as Encyclopedia Pictura, comprising Sean Hellfritsch and Isaiah Saxon, decided to take the bold leap into the world of 3D. And this was not to be a simple 3D project, if there is such a thing, but included shooting miniatures, puppets and live action on greenscreen and then adding CG elements in post. While the video is not due out until February (and thus we cannot show any video clips until then) we spoke to the duo about the 3D process, from constructing the 3D camera rig with a couple of Silicon Imaging 2K MINI cameras, the techniques of shooting 3D, to editing and compositing the 3D images.

How did you get interested in 3D ?
ISAIAH SAXON : Over a year ago I received a turn-of-the-century Opticon [stereo image] viewer along with a suitcase of stereo pairs and we became obsessed with 3D. Then we saw the film Deep Sea 3D and after experiencing that we decided we weren’t going to shoot 2D anymore if we could help it. So from here on out, it’s all 3D.

How did the Björk video come to you and what is the basic concept of the video ?
IS : Björk had seen our last music video (Grizzly Bear) and gave us a call. The concept of the video is our attempt at creating mytho-poetic cosmology of a primitive world complete with water deities and the struggle towards the future. The main theme being nomadism since it is for the track ‘Wanderlust.’

There are a number of different elements shot, or created in post, that all have to be combined, There is a large-scale, pre-human Yak-puppet, about 7-feet long and 7-feet tall, then there is Björk, then there is a version of Björk that she wears on her backpack played by a professional dancer, a large river god/transcendental beast, the landscapes shot in miniature and the CG river. So each of those elements were manifested in a completely different environment and shot differently.

source : www.studiodaily.com


A propos de la vidéo

« As WanderLust was shot stereographically, every scene UVPH did in 3D had to be done twice. Everything was shot by 2 live-cameras and rendered with 2 CG cameras so we had to render the equivalent of a left eye and a right eye. And as there is a slight distance between the cameras, which gives things different perspectives, everything had to be composited twice. "The music video is shot in 3D with a special camera rig and to match this footage we recreated the rig in XSI with a stereoscopic shader which gave us the offset for the second camera. We created separate passes for the right and left eye thereby building the 3D stereoscopic effect," explained Tim Marinov. » +++ UVPhactory Uses Hair to Create a Raging River for Bjork’s 3D Music Video Wanderlust


Directors : Encyclopedia Pictura (Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch)
Production Company : Ghost Robot
Producer : Mark De Pace
Executive Producer : Zach Mortensen
Label : One Little Indian
Commissioner : Paul McKee

Post Production Company : UVPHACTORY
(Scott Sindorf, Principal and Co-Founder
Damijan Saccio, Principal and Co-Founder
Alexandre Moors, Creative Director
Brian Welsh, Executive Producer)




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