3 février 2012

New York Hall of Science

New York, Etats-Unis


New York Hall of Science


There’s an impressive baseline professionalism about this operation : Everything works, even the Reactable—a cylinder-shaped digital instrument Mr. Weisel played by moving wooden blocks on the top of it ; even the Tesla coil, descending from the ceiling and sparking during the song “Nátturá.” The theater at the Hall of Science wasn’t particularly built for concerts — a round room with undulating walls and an extremely high ceiling — but the overhead speaker system made the music sound beautiful, and everyone had clear sightlines.
Seemingly at ease in her costume, which included a rust-colored wig and blue plastic dress with nautilus-shaped attachments at the hips and breasts, Bjork had no need to communicate with her musicians other than by looking at them ; they all knew their spots. (The other members of the band were Zeena Parkins on harp and Manu Delago, who played drum kit, electronic percussion and the melodic percussion instrument called the Hang, a sort of flying-saucer-shaped steel-pan played with the hands and fingers.) New York Times

Setlist :

01. Thunderbolt
02. Moon
03. Crystalline
04. Hollow
05. Dark Matter
06. Hidden Place
07. Mouth’s Cradle
08. Virus
09. Sonnets / Unrealities XI
10. Generous Palmstroke
11. Pagan Poetry
12. Mutual Core
13. Cosmogony
14. Solstice
15. One Day
16. Náttúra
17. Declare Independence

sur scène

  • Graduale Nobili
  • Manu Delago
  • Max Weisel
  • Zeena Parkins


habillée par

  • Iris van Herpen


  • Max Weisel