20 juillet 1996

Phoenix Festival

Stratford-Upon-Avon, Royaume-Uni

Vidéo partielle


There’s silence, and a curtain flaps.
And then white-haired, accordion-loving, somewhat pineapple-headed, it’s the profoundly dangerous pyromaniac Björk !
It’s like this really. The day has been sedate, and it is time to settle. Fires have been built, dope smoked, and navels contemplated. It has been a day for ease, and occasionally coping with the peculiar, but even so Björk is wildly disorienting : by turns excitable child, fearsome junglist, industrial moonbooter and cabaret chanteuse.
In songs like "Isobel" and "Army of Me", you think you can hack it. because in spite of all her athletic vocalising, Björk hasn’t quite gone and done it yet ; and allowed us to stay in our little fug. It hasn’t yet got all too much.
And then it comes : that moment in "Violently Happy", the joyous sound of Björk belting it out, fireworks, 1000lbs of high explosive, the sound of goalposts moving, and for possibly the first time today... action ! Which was never the plan at all.

John Robinson - NME 27 juillet 1996

Trust Björk, however to play the ultimate trump card in mood creation. A hyperactive ball of energy in maternity dress, she zips manically round the stage belting out deliberately low key versions of her dance classics. So where you’d expect a hard techno squiggle is the opulent orchestration of a Bond film and just as you think you have a handle on her voice, she turns distinctly ungroovable pirouettes and soars with the majestic fireworks displays. It’s not quite what the ravers ordered, but an enlightening experience nevertheless and one well worth celebrating. Half an E ? Whata fantastic, fantastic idea.

IW - Melody Maker 27 juillet 1996


01. Army Of Me
02. Hyperballad
03. Enjoy
04. You’ve Been Flirting Again
05. Isobel
06. Venus as a Boy
07. I Go Humble
08. Big Time Sensuality (Plaid Mix)
09. The Anchor Song
10. Possibly Maybe
11. Hyperballad (Over The Edge Mix)
12. Human Behaviour
13. Violently Happy

sur scène

  • Kobayashi ’Coba’ Yasuhiro
  • Leila Arab
  • Plaid
  • Trevor Morais

habillée par

  • Hussein Chalayan


  • Mick Hutson