Andrew Thomas Huang

Graphisme | Illustration - Photographie - Réalisation

Artiste visuel et réalisateur sino-américain. Il est connu pour ses vidéos pour Björk, FKA Twigs, Thom Yorke ou encore Charlie XCX.

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Andrew Huang à propos de Björk

How did you first come to collaborate with Björk ? Tell us about your initial meeting.
I made a film called Solipsist in 2012, and she found the film and contacted me in 2012 to make a video for her song ‘Mutual Core’ from Biophilia. We kind of kept in touch after that and in October 2013, she came back to me and said she needed a visual collaborator for this retrospective piece at MoMa that they were going to commission. So Björk and I have been working together for the past year and a half to make this.

Milkmade - Mars 2015

Björk à propos de Andrew Thomas Huang

I’ve found that, for example, in the videos that me and Andy Huang did together. It started with “Mutual Core” and “Black Lake” and “Family” and ended with “The Gate.” We couldn’t have done “The Gate” as the first video. It really was like we grew together. We grew together in so many ways. Andy had just done one video before he did “Mutual Core.” [laughs] It’s been a lot we’ve done together, and it’s been really, really like a dream.

the creative independent - décembre 2017


Andrew Thomas Huang a été remarqué par le label One Little Independent Records grâce à la vidéo Solipsist.


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