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i am so happy to share with you the first video of my album to the song “atopos”
because of the enormous importance of bass in this song , could you please play it loudly ?
dear viðar logi
thanks for all your joyus celebratory energy and for being up for taking on all the challenges i threw at you !!
you transformed all of them into a viðar logi vision , i couldn´t possible have had a better visual partner in the pandemic .... i am so incredibly grateful for our journey , i can´t believe the amount of things we´ve done in the last 3 years !! can´t wait to share it with the world !!

Björk, 6 septembre 2022

La présentatrice anglaise Mary Anne Hobbs a dégainé la première : le 1er single de Fossora, Atopos sera diffusé en avant-première le 6 septembre lors le l’émission With Music From The Near Future diffusée sur la BBC Radio 6 Music à midi (heure française). [6am EST / 10am GMT / 10pm AEST]

Information aussitôt suivie d’un message de Björk annonçant la diffusion du clip Atopos ce même jour.

i will share tomorrow the video to the first single from my new album called "atopos"
for me it is a good introduction .... kinda like fossora´s passport
sonically this is a heavy bottom-ended bass world
we have 6 bass clarinets and punchy sub drilling ,
nesting and digging us into the ground
hope you enjoy


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