Vidar Logi



Vidar Logi


Photographe et réalisateur islandais. Il a également photographié James Merry et Amanda Lepore.

Travail avec Björk

Photographe et réalisateur principal de la période Fossora

  • Sessions photo en 2021 et 2022
  • Pochette de l’album Fossora
  • Atopos (couverture et vidéo clip)
  • Sorrowful Soil (clip)
  • Vidéo promo pour Pitchork
  • Couverture et photoshoot pour le magazine Vogue

i shot a Björk] album cover !?!?
still not really sunk in, not sure if it ever will.
but i am so proud to be a part of the Fossora visual universe, fermenting over the past 3 years of house parties back in iceland.
thank you björk for your friendship, trust, nurture and for having me on this most beautiful journey. you keep surprising me with who I can be,
huge hug to my mum james merry]] , i’m so thankful for your guidance and continued support
and Jón Guðrún-Carlosson] thank you for being by my side through everything, always
I love you all so much
and a big kiss to all the incredibly talented collaborators who made

Instagram, août 2022