Björk à propos du titre Sacrifice

sd : with some of these songs, for instance “virus” or “moon,” you can tell right away which element we are talking about. one that stands out in contrast is “sacrifice.” how does that song fit in ?
Björk : it is funny you picked that one because it is really the odd one out. a couple of years ago i spent 8 months in puerto rico, i rented a house on the beach. while i was there, 5 of my friends [couples] divorced. a lot of them had been together for 10 or more years and it was weird to be on the other side of the atlantic and try to email or talk on the phone. maybe because all the other songs are about elements, i guess i became an anthropologist and decided to write down in my book all the things that the girls were complaining about and all the things the guys were complaining about. it was interesting because all the guys were all complaining about very different things while the girls were all complaining about very similar things. so i ended up picking out sentences that they all had in common and skipping what they had different. i kind of puzzled it into a lyric. it was really powerful. it is about complaining. it is quiet and a sad song.
that app is different from the other apps. my friends who designed the look of the whole project, called m&m in paris, they designed a special music font so that app is about musical notation and music font. that app is called element. so it is the odd one out.

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