Who would have known, that a boy like him
would have entered me lightly restoring my blisses

Who would have known, that a boy like him
after sharing my core would stay going nowhere

Who would have known, a beauty this immense
who would have known, a saintly trance
who would have known, miraculous breath
to inhale a beard loaded with courage

Who would have known, that a boy like him
possessed of magical sensitivity
would approach a girl like me
who carresses
his head in a bosom

He slides inside
half awake / half asleep
we faint back
into sleephood
when i wake up
the second time in his arms, gorgeousness !
he’s still inside me !

who would have known

A train of pearls
cabin by cabin
is shot precisely across an ocean
from a mouth



From a mouth of a girl like me

To a boy
To a boy
To a boy

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Mars 2002

3e single de Vespertine


Programmation : Björk, Thomas Knak

Photo : captures du clip réalisé par Eiko Ishioka
Design : Rafael Esquer et Tim Wilder


Cocoon (Radio Edit) 3:34 Radio
Cocoon (retangled by Ensemble) 5:04 Ensemble




  • Rafael Esquer
  • Thomas Knak - Opiate