Rafael Esquer



Rafael Esquer

Graphisme | Illustration

Graphiste et illustrateur américain, il a créé Alfalfa Studio en 2004 à New York.

Travail avec Björk

Rafael Esquer à propos des pochettes

CB : I’m fascinated by the CD cover work you did for Bjork. I’m sure this would be a dream project for a lot of designers._
RE : It was great fun, really scary as well. I was working with Eiko Ishioka at the time, designing a collection for the Olympics at Salt Lake City. Eiko received an email from Bjork saying that she really liked her work and would she consider doing a music video. Apparently Bjork likes the same artist to work on everything, the videos, album covers, branding. Eiko told her that she was too busy to design the album cover, but suggested my name to her. Bjork trusted Eiko, so I met up with her and she said ‘Ok, let’s do it.’ I had always been intrigued with Bjork visually, I had always thought she looked amazing, but I had never really paid much attention to her music. I’ve since become a big fan, when I listened to her music, I began to realise how brilliant and unique she was. She also happens to be avery nice person, very approachable, she wasn’t a diva at all. What happened when I started the project was that I couldn’t sleep for days ! Looking at the legacy she has as an icon, I was worried about whether I would be able to contribute towards it. I showed her four ideas, she liked them all and ended up using them all. It was a great experience. I still sometimes get calls from people who want me to do their project in the style I did for Bjork. It’s hard to say to them, well, you’re not Bjork ! This was done for her, it is what she wanted, she was very clear about what she wanted. I think the final product turned out very nice, I’m very proud of those images. I think they stand up next to what has been produced for her previously and since.




  • Eiko Ishioka
  • Tim Wilder