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Death Grips


Groupe de Sacramento (Californie) composé d’Andy Morin, Mexican Girl et Zach Hill. Ils se sont faits remarquer avec leur mixtape Ex Military ce qui leur a permis d’envisager la sortie de 2 albums en 2012 via Epic, leur punk-rap est souvent qualifié d’apocalyptique.

Travail avec Björk


Björk à propos d’eux

“I think they’re one of my favourite bands right now. I really fell in love with that beat in ‘Full Moon‘ and then I ended up emailing them saying ‘is it lazy or like illegal if we do a mash up of ‘Sacrifice‘ and the beat from ‘Full Moon ?’ They thought it was a great idea. I think I tried to do it at first but that didn’t really work so they took it and chopped it up and totally fucked it up and I love it, I really love it.”

The Line Of best Fit - Novembre 2012

The first Death Grips song she heard, ’Full Moon’, was sent to her by her friend, Iranian Warp artist Leila Arab. "I couldn’t believe it. It was really raw and fresh and I like that they aren’t any one genre," she says. "I emailed Zach [Hill, Death Grips drummer] and said, ’How do you feel about doing a mash-up of ’Full Moon’ and ’Sacrifice’ ? Is it crazy, lazy or wrong ?’" The hybrid on ’Bastards’ is a writhing, polyrhythmic whirr that sticks in your brain.

NME - Novembre 2012