16 juillet 2013

Echo Beach

Toronto, Canada

Première partie : Death Grips
Björk a dédié Declare Independence à Trayvon Martin (voir vidéo ci-dessous)


30 min du concert en audio :

  • Crystalline (en partie)
  • Hidden Place
  • Heirloom
  • One Day
  • Jóga
  • Pagan Poetry (en partie)


Declare Independence pour Trayvon Martin :


(...) Arriving onstage at sunset in a frizzy red shock-wig and sparkly blue cocktail dress, Björk and her pseudo-minimalist coterie of accompanists — gadgets whiz/musical director Matt Robertson, ridiculously deft electro-acoustic percussionist Manu Delago, an energetic, 14-piece choir of Icelandic females and a gigantic, caged Tesla coil that would occasionally drop from the rafters to spark and buzz terrifying low-end emanations across what’s left of Ontario Place — seduced most of the 5,000-ish crowd into attentive silence with a spooky, ambient-choral version of Biophilia’s “Cosmogony” set to some fittingly cosmic, animated video reels well before the tune’s eruptive coda-clatter of martial percussion shut down even the yakkers at the back. (...)

source : thestar.com



01. Cosmogony
02. Hunter
03. Thunderbolt
04. Moon
05. Crystalline
06. Hidden Place
07. Heirloom
08. One day
09. Jóga
10. Pagan Poetry
11. Army of me
12. Mutual Core
13. Hyperballad
14. Pluto
15. Nattura
16. Declare Independence

sur scène

  • Graduale Nobili
  • Manu Delago
  • Matt Robertson


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