Desired Constellation

Clip réalisé par Lynn Fox spécialement pour la tournée 2003 et projeté lors de chaque concert.

Propos issus du Live Book

For Desired Constellation, Björk told them about an idea she’d had where her hands were able to grab the stars, roll them like dice, and toss them into new constellations ."We thought that was a very strong image to work with, but we weren’t too sure about just having these god-like hands... It always ended up beign a bit Michelangelo. We thought we could make it more playful, so we went back to her with the idea of making these hands into the tails of schools of sea creatures.
We took photographs of seals swimming through the sea, and then we chopped them up and photographed a couple of hands, and collaged them in, so you ended up with these kind of weird beings. You don’t really know wether they’re arms or seals, bit of hands or underarm or whatever.



  • Lynn Fox