Hidden Place


Through the warmthest cord of care
your love was sent to me
I’m not sure what to do with it
or where to put it

I’m so close to tear
and so close to
simply calling you up
and simply suggesting

We go to that hidden place

Now, I have been slightly shy
but I can smell a pinch of hope
to almost have allowed once fingers
to stroke
the fingers I was given to touch with
but careful careful

There lies my passion hidden
here lies my love
I’ll hide it under a blanket
lull it to sleep

I’ll keep it in a hidden place

the beautifullest
still strong
dark and divine
and the littleness of his movements
hides himself

He invents a charm
that makes him invisible
hides in the hair

Can I hide there too ?
hide in the hair of him
seek solace

In that hidden place

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Sortie : août 2001
1er Single de Vespertine


Programmations : Jake Davies, Damian Taylor, Guy Sigsworth , Matthew Herbert, Matmos
Ligne de Basse : Björk
Arrangement du choeur : Björk, Guy Sigsworth, Vince Mendoza
Orchestrations : Vince Mendoza
Ingénieurs Protools : Jake Davies, Damian Taylor

Photo / design pochette : M/M (Paris)

Björk à propos du titre

"I guess ’Hidden Place’ is sort of about how two people can create a paradise just by uniting. You’ve got an emotional location that’s mutual. And it’s unbreakable. And obviously it’s make-believe. So, you could argue that it doesn’t exist because it’s invisible, but of course it does. And it’s sort of a one-nil situation. Or, if you believe in something high enough - I mean, maybe at first when you mention it, and you talk about it and it doesn’t exist. It might be artificial, but you just keep on believing in it and it grows strong. It’ll become real, you know. And I guess that’s something, sort of the human spirit conquering the dullness and boredom." CDnow, 27 juillet 2001

"I guess the microbeats were from me getting heavily into my laptop and just trying to enjoy the music from its speakers. The songs on Vespertine are introvert. I tried to make it frozen, winterlike. It’s an inside album, a domestic album, I had loads and loads of beats for ’Hidden Place’ but it still wasn’t up enough. Matthew Herbert came for a visit in the studio and offered to do it. He ran away to his studio and came back after a few hours later with a DAT." Record Collector, Aout 2002

La presse à propos du titre

Not so long ago, the government of Iceland gave Bjork her own island in recognition of her services to music – and the ethereal landscape seems to have affected her rather. This is ethereal. Seriously fairy. What little percussion there is isn’t at all normal and is subdued almost immediately by very spooky, female-Yorke-esque vocals and just general weirdness. As a chill-out tune it’s superb. As casual listening it’s lacking something, i.e., casualness, but hey. It’s perfect Bjork, really, and the best work she’s done since the Dancer in the Dark soundtrack. Pretty good, actually, once you relax enough to let it penetrate…
source : www.live4now.com

Hidden Place’ is about love in a cold climate, about retreating from it all with a certain someone : “I’m simply so close / to calling you up / I’m simply suggesting / we go to that hidden place”. she purrs over gentle, sweeping, skittering electro. So fresh and so clean, the music is like a cool, sharp breath of fresh air. Spacious like empty, ice-blue Icelandic skies ; pretty like tiny, brightly colourful tundra flowers. A song, a wish to shut the door against the snow and the howl of the outside and to wrap up snugly together. A Venus and a boy in furs. Drifting into a private world whilst snowflakes melt on eyelashes. And, at last, freedom.
source : www.rottentomatoes.com


Hidden Place (Acapella) 5:16 Björk
Hidden Place (Hearts & Bones) 3:37 Matmos
Hidden Place (Radio Edit) 4:00 Radio




01. hidden place edit (04:00)
02. generous palmstroke (04:26)
03. verandi (04:28)



01. hidden place acapella (05:15)
02. mother heroic (02:44)
03. foot soldier (02:35)



01. hidden place edit (04:00)
02. generous palmstroke (04:26)
03. verandi (04:28)