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Björk à Propos de lui

I have been really spoilt through the years with the amount of interest Matthew Herbert has shown my music and the amount of times he has been up for doing remixes," Björk tells Rolling Stone. "He has taken it full on and made it into his version but still true to the heart of the song and, more than once, improved it."

Rolling Stone, 21 juin 2012

“Matthew is so talented,” Björk beams proudly, “and he’s so flexible. He just came and did a version of every song. For him it’s like drinking water. He’s amazing to work with because he’s not that precious about what he does so if I decide not to use something I don’t hurt his feelings. Two of his mixes ended up on the actual album but after spending a long time with me he took everything home with him, and took some things even further.”

Björk à propos de Biophilia et Bastards, The Line Of Best Fit, novembre 2012

Matthew Herbert à propos de Vespertine

I think about her approach regularly : the desire to not take the easy route. I feel like she’s the flag bearer not only for new music, but new ways of doing things.

Uncut - Avril 2017

Matthew Herbert à propos de Biophilia

I went to her house at the very start of the record. You were very much in nature, in Upstate New York. You’d be having breakfast and there’d be a herd of deer outside the window. Then we’d walk through snowy woods to have lunch at the nearby little town. At night, she’d cook, or you’d have some food and a glass of wine together. It feels like a family, the group of people who have worked with her for years. She had a hunch what Biophilia would end up as, but wasn’t quite sure where to start.
Damian had built a system with a PlayStation remote that let her write in irregular patterns. I was trying to write in shifting tempos and time signatures. It was all set up to experiment ; form was very much up for grabs.

Uncut - Avril 2017