Jimmy Douglass



Jimmy Douglass

Ingénieur·e du son - Remix

Jimmy Douglass est un ingénieur du son originaire des États-Unis et un producteur de musique dont la carrière est prolifique. Après avoir travaillé pour de nombreux artistes depuis les années 1970, il occupe le poste d’ingénieur principal pour le producteur de R’n’B et de Hip-hop Timbaland depuis 1996.
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Travail avec Björk


À propos de l’enregistrement d’Innocence

Timbaland and Danja were making some beats on the spot while we were in the control room. Björk got excited and said, ’Give me a mic.’ My go-to mic in the control room is the Audio Technica AT4060 Condenser Tube Microphone, so that’s what I set up in front of her. She just started singing to the beats that they were making. It was all very organic and spontaneous. Much of what you hear on the finished track is what she came up with, right then and there, and sang on a first pass. She was writing in her head, right in front of us. it was inspiring and very ’Björk’ I would say.