Kelly Lee Owens



Kelly Lee Owens


Compositrice et productrice londonienne de musique électronique, elle a publié son premier album Oleic en mars 2017 sur le label norvégien Smalltown Supersound.

Travail avec Björk

À propos de son remix

I felt a standard techno remix wouldn’t do all the juiciness of the track justice. This is one of the first times I used almost only the parts from the original artist, as they were too good not too !
I wanted to try to extract even more joy – if it’s possible – out of the sounds than when I first heard them – which is why the final ‘chorus’ is so bright and shiny – full crescendo !

How did your remix of Björk’s "Arisen My Senses" come about ?
Björk asked her label to reach out to me, so it was Derek [Birkett] from One Little Indian Records. That was a good day. I met Bjork a few times quite briefly because I worked at Rough Trade East and she’d come in and buy records. We partied together a little bit once, and I actually brought her my album on vinyl. I thought she probably wouldn’t listen, but she gave me some champagne and said cheers. It was super nice of her but I thought nothing would come of it. Then she used “Anxi” on a few mixes or something like that, and she asked me to do that remix. Her request came a few days after The Guardian posted an interview when I said, “Bjork should let me remix one of her tracks.” That could be a complete coincidence. I don’t know to this day. Either way, I am very grateful. I still can’t believe it happened. I should probably retire now, I don’t know what else can happen after that.

Björk asked directly for me to do something, it’s been such an honour that these people reached out – it was the day after a piece in The Guardian where I said Björk needs to let me remix one of her tracks, and then she emailed her manager to contact my manager to set things up. Back to your question, I think they connect to something I’m hopefully doing, maybe it’s that law of attraction thing, or just the opportunity to have a young producer reinterpret their work they’ve been doing for a few years.