Kevin Cummins 1993

Kevin Cummins

Photo pour la couverture de NME avec Evan Dando de The Lemonheads.

This shot was the cover of the NME Christmas edition, and the idea was to shoot the major stars of the year.
Evan Dando had been wearing a dress on and off for a year – so we thought it would be quite nice to do a shoot with him wearing a dress and Björk wearing a man’s suit.
Evan was really excited to meet Björk, and in his typical style, he was flirting with her on set and offering her copies of his CDs. He even brought a guitar and tried to sing to her. She was blasé and not really bothered about the whole thing.
Half way through she said to me, “Who is this man again ?”
I have shot Björk many times, and she’s always in her own world, but still very focused. I thought it was just brilliant that she was prepared to do the cover shoot when she didn’t even know who Evan Dando was !

Kevin Cummins

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