Membre de The Roots, véritable phénomène et maître du beatboxing il a eu l’ambition de se lancer dans une carrière solo. Ses prestations live en vs DJ sont à couper le souffle. Présent sur 5 titres de Medúlla, il a indubitablement apporté une importante valeur ajoutée à l’album.

Travail avec Björk


Il a participé au mini concert de l’émission l’album de la semaine sur Canal + pour la promotion de Medúlla.

Rahzel à propos de Björk

You’ve worked with a wide array of artists—the standout for me is Björk. I’m curious as to how you became involved in her album Medúlla. Did she approach you or vice versa ?
Actually, I was touring with a good friend of mine, Mike Patton from Faith No More. We were gonna be at Irving Plaza and he was like, “Look, Björk is gonna come through and check out the show.” I wasn’t thinking anything of it but I guess she liked what she heard. So, she was like, “Look can I get that on my album. There are too many mechanical sounding drum machines and I want to replace them all with you.” She gave me the freedom to do what I do. It was a beautiful thing. The album came out very well—I’m on five songs. It was originally eight but it ended up being five. Definitely a beautiful album.

Slant Magazine - 2006