Triumph Of A Heart


The nerves are sending
shimmering signals
all through my fingers
the veins support
blood that gushes
pulsively towards

The triumph of a heart - that gives all, that gives all (x2)

The stubborn trunks
of these legs of mine
serve as pathways
for my favourite fuel
heading upwards towards
my kidneys

The triumph of a heart - that gives all, that gives all (x2)

soft, red
velvety lungs
are pushing a network
of oxygen joyfully
through a nose
through a mouth
but all enjoys
all enjoys

The triumph of a heart - that gives all, that gives all (x4)

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Sortie Février 2005 3ème Single de Medúlla


Trombone humain : Gregory Purnhagen
Beats : Rahzel, Dokaka
Programmeurs : Valgeir Sigurðsson, Mark Bell, Björk


Photo : captures du clip par Spike Jonze
Design : M/M (Paris)

Björk à propos du titre

"Ce titre tend simplement à célébrer le corps, les cellules qui font des montagnes russes partout dans le corps, dans le sang et les poumons. En chantant." (XFM 25/08/2004)

I was really happy to hear the word “kidney” on “Triumph of a Heart” [Björk laughs], and all of these great body parts like the teeth. I loved the choice of words-just very abstract.

I always think I’m saying something really upfront and direct. I guess through the years, I’ve probably done a lot of alternative medicine like acupuncture. I’m probably interested in the Chinese things overall. But that song is actually about that because—I don’t know if you understand this—but I have a tendency to finish my kidney energy. It’s my weakness. And if you kick your heels into the earth, you send back the kidney energy. So I was trying to have one verse about that, and one verse about oxygen, and one verse about the nerves.
(Interview Magazine - 01.11.2004)


Triumph Of A Heart (Audition Mix) 4:17 Björk
Triumph Of A Heart (Radio Edit) 2:58 Radio
Triumph Of A Heart (Valgeir Mix) 3:37 Valgeir Sigurðsson




1.Triumph Of A Heart (Radio Edit) (03:00)
2.Desired Constellation (Frost Mix) (05:54)



1.Triumph Of A Heart (Audition Mix) (04:17)
2.Vokuro (VV Mix) (04:18) (par Gonzales et Feist)
3.Mouths Cradle (Recomposed By Ensemble) (04:11)



1.Triumph Of A Heart (Video) (05:22)
2.Oceania (Piano & Vocal) (02:59)
3.Desired Constellation (Choir Mix) (04:44)