Valgeir Sigurdsson

Composition | Programmation - Ingénieur·e du son - Production - Remix

Ingénieur du son et compositeur, Valgeir est le fondateur du label Bedroom Community et des Studios Greenhouse situés en Islande, où Björk a enregistré en partie Selmasongs, Vespertine, Medúlla et Drawing Restraint 9.

Travail avec Björk


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Family Tree & LiveBox

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Drawing Restraint 9

Valgeir Sigurdsson à propos de Vespertine

the filming of Dancer In The Dark, I set up a studio in the conservatory in the house in Copenhagen we were living in. It was lovely, an Icelandic colony of adults and children. She started developing new ideas, a lot of which ended up on Vespertine. Going into the studio was like closing the door on whatever had been happening on the film set that day. It was intense

Uncut - Avril 2017

Valgeir Sigurdsson à propos de Medúlla

The rule was that all the sounds on the LP should come from the human voice : her own voice, choirs, vocal processing and beatbox. It presented some challenges : how to do a really low bass, or a piano tone ? Piano is one of the most difficult things to [recreate] with voice. We ended up going to Robert Wyatt’s house. He said that he could sing the tone of a piano, so we created a sample library of him singing all the notes of the piano, and used that like a keyboard. It’s a beautiful thing. Robert was super keen on letting us build a virtual instrument out of his voice.
She listened to lots of different singers and went to concerts. One of the people from Vespertine, Tanya Tagaq, she carried over. She wanted to explore Mike Patton, so she went to a concert in New York, and he was there with the beatboxer Rahzel. At first she resisted using a human beatbox, but having heard him we thought, OK, we have to get him in the studio ! One thing lead to another.
There was a trombone line on two songs, and she said, “Who can we get for human trombone ?” I did ask the question : “Why don’t we just use a real trombone ?!” She said, “No ! Let’s see if we can really make this happen with just the voice.” It was a challenge. It’s about the search, the exploring, the discovery.

Uncut - Avril 2017

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