July 13, 1946

Dear General MacArthur,

With your permission
I offer wishes of good health,
During this heat
That burns anything.

The words I slowly put together
Do not flow easily, they only fill my heart

Recently, fulfilling
Your heart’s desire
You removed the whaling
Your gesture brings
A much needed food
To our community
And families,

The words I slowly put together
Do not flow easily, they only fill my heart

A million year old fossil
I send to you.
This comes from my family
And the ancient sea.
A prehistoric impression
Of the modern krill,
She feeds the noble whale,
And offers you longevity

The words I slowly put together
Do not flow easily, they only fill my heart

Finally, please take good care in the heat.

Sincerely yours,

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Écriture : Björk et Matthew Barney
Programmation : Valgeir Sigurðsson et Björk
Production : Björk
Arrangement et édition : Björk
Choeur : Alisa Kikuchi, Eleanor Miceli, Henry Takizawa, Mai Kamio, Merrill Takizawa, Moe Sakurai, Raku Shigematsu, Shogo Senda, Shuhei Yamaguchi , Taro Miceli
Harpe : Zeena Parkins
Piano : Nico Muhly
Célesta : Jónas Sen
Voix : Will Oldham

Will Oldham à propos de la chanson

And then maybe a couple years later, Björk has aligned herself personally and artistically with Matthew Barney, and she calls and says, “I’m making the music for this movie of Matthew’s, Drawing Restraint 9, and we have a song that we would like you to sing.” And this was very surreal to get this request, and then she sends the song, and it’s really abstract. The song is like an amalgam, or maybe it’s a single letter from people, post-World War II in Japan, [who] I guess, were suffering because there was a whaling ban that was overseen by General MacArthur. That was the lyric to the song.

I just had to listen to it so many times, because I was going to be singing along with a prerecorded track, and then they have me to their house just up the Hudson River from New York City to record. I’d prepped it, so we started a take. I got about halfway through, and I said, “I don’t know, can we stop and start over ?” “OK.” Started another take, and I did it all the way through, and they were like, “That was great,” and I’m like, “What ? That’s the whole thing ? That’s the work that I get to do with you ?” They were like, “You did it exactly right,” and I was pretty bummed, because I was hoping to get direction and have a chance to get manipulated and influenced, and have this big learning experience. At the same time it was nice to feel like, “Oh, I prepared, and they had asked me to do this, and they liked what I did.”
source : Rolling Stone