CD1 Live At Olympic Studios

03.The Pleasure Is All Mine(03:20)
05.Army Of Me(04:20)
06.I Miss You|(03:30)
07.Earth intruders(03:52)
08.All Is Full Of Love(04:05)
09.Pagan Poetry(05:14)
10.Vertebræ By Vertebræ(05:09)
11.Declare Independence(04:18)

CD2 The Volta Mixes

01.Earth Intruders (XXXchange Remix)(04:38)
02.Innocence (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)(07:47)
03.Declare Independence (Matthew Herbert Remix)(05:23)
04.Wanderlust (Ratatat Remix)(05:26)
05.The Dull Flame Of Desire (Modeselektor Remix For Girls)(06:19)
06.Earth Intruders (Lexx Remix)(06:41)
07.Innocence (Sinden Remix)(04:32)
08.Declare Independence (Ghostigital Remix)(02:51)
09.The Dull Flame Of Desire (Modeselektor Remix For Boys)(05:24)
10.Innocencee (Alva Noto Unitxt Remodel)(06:16)
11.Declare Independence (Black Pus Remix)(08:47)
12.Innocence (Simian Mobile Disco Dub Remix)(07:46)

DVD1 The Volta Tour

01.Brennið Þið Vitar(01:01)
02.Earth Intruders(03:55)
06.Pleasure Is All Mine(03:42)
07.Vertebræ By Vertebræ(05:09)
08.Where Is The Line ?(04:48)
09.Who Is It ?(04:02)
10.Desired Constellation(04:41)
11.Army Of Me(04:25)
16.Declare Independence(05:28)
18.My Juvenile(03:53)
20.Sonnets / Unrealities XI(02:14)
21.Mouth’s Cradle(04:12)

DVD2 The Volta Videos

01.Earth Intruders(03:58)
02.Declare Independence(04:23)
05.The Dull Flame Of Desire(05:58)
06.The Making Of Declare Independence(05:30)
07.The Making Of Wanderlust(04:22)
08.Innocence - Video By Davood Saghiri(04:30)
09.Innocence - Video By Dimitri Stankowicz(04:12)
10.Innocence - Video By Etienne Strubbe(01:19)
11.Innocence - Video By Julien Himmer(01:12)
12.Innocence - Video By Laurent Labouille(03:57)
13.Innocence - Video By Mario Caporali(04:28)
14.Innocence - Video By Mik o_o Armellino(04:29)
15.Innocence - Video By Renato Klieger, Terracota(04:07)
16.Innocence - Video By Roland Matusek(04:10)


Sortie Juin 2009


Photo / Design : M/M (Paris)


Voltaïc est un coffret regroupant des versions live des chansons de la tournée Volta, d’un DVD regroupant une grosse partie de 2 concerts de la tournée, d’un DVD des clips de Volta et une selection des meilleurs remixes de Volta.

Les concerts de Paris et Reykjavik ne sont pas proposés en intégralité, Björk ayant décidé de supprimer certaines chansons qu’elles considérait comme mal interprétées. Cependant, certaines versions de Voltaïc (l’édition malaisienne) possèdent des chansons supplémentaires sur le DVD (Triumph of a Heart pour le concert de Paris, Cover Me, Immature, The Dull flame Of Desire, et Mouth’s Cradle pour le concert de Reykjavik).

La version digitale de Voltaïc Live At Olympic Studios aux États-Unis (iTunes) comporte une piste bonus : My Juvenile.

Ce coffret contient l’inédit, Declare Independence (Black Pus Remix), qui est réalisé par le groupe de Brian Chippendale

Björk à propos de Voltaïc

Are you planning on releasing anything else related to Volta ? Are there more singles in the works ?

I think my record company in London, One Little Indian, wants to make a package where all the videos are included together with the live concerts. We filmed Paris, and we also filmed a concert here with a choir and a brass quartet, so it was a mixture of songs from Medúlla and Volta. Because I never really toured Medúlla so we never really filmed that. So I think there will be some wrapping up of everything from Volta in one box. Also remixes.
source : pitchfork, 22 octobre 2008


Edition Simple

CD1 Live At Olympic Studios
CD2 The Volta Mixes
DVD1 The Volta Tour
DVD2 The Volta Videos

Edition Deluxe

CD1 Live At Olympic Studios
CD2 The Volta Mixes
DVD1 The Volta Tour
DVD2 The Volta Videos

Edition CD US

CD Live At Olympic Studios

Edition CD + DVD US

CD Live At Olympic Studios
DVD The Volta Tour