Graphisme | Illustration

Société de graphisme/design créée par Marianne et Steve Wintercroft. Ils confectionnent des masques 3D en papier.

Travail avec Björk

À propos de leur collaboration avec Björk et James Merry

In the wild world of Mask design, there are few names that ring louder than James Merry. This is a result of not only his amazing art, but his now-legendary collaboration with iconic audiovisual artist Björk. The flora and fauna of his fantastical designs evoke celestial, oceanic and vascular organic mechanics. His headpieces somehow encapsulate all the more alien aspects of our own natural world in luminescent, insectoid, seemingly free-form singular style. It is as if he plants seeds in human hosts’ heads and grows his creations from their very pores.
When Björk’s management team reached out to us to design a low polygon, press-out version of Merry’s famed "Moth Mask" for a limited edition of the Vulnicura Liveluxury box set, it seemed quite a task, but also, an unmissable opportunity to collaborate with two iconic artists. The challenge was to replicate the organic, flowing feel of the original headpiece using the angular style required for a press-out mask design. Luckily this is the sort of challenge Steve is up for most of his waking hours.
Here is the result of our recent collaboration with Björk, James Merry and the creative team at m/m (Paris). We really admire the work of everyone that contributed to this project and we are incredibly proud to be involved. Thank you James for trusting in us to recreate your beautiful design.