Vulnicura Live

Tracklist (version Rough Trade)

01. Stonemilker
02. Lionsong
03. History of Touches
04. Black Lake
05. Family
06. Notget
07. Come to Me
08. Undo
09. I See Who You Are
10. All Neon Like
11. Quicksand
12. Wanderlust
13. Mutual Core
14. Mouth Mantra

Tracklist (version OLI)

01. Stonemilker
02. Lionsong
03. History of Touches
04. Black Lake
05. Family
06. Notget
07. Undo
08. Come to Me
09. I See Who You Are
10. Wanderlust
11. Quicksand
12. Mutual Core
13. Mouth Mantra


Album live de la tournée 2015, il se compose de 8 titres de Vulnicura et 6 de ses précédents albums. Tous les titres ont été compilés et mixés par Björk, assistée par Arca et The Haxan Cloak.

Dates de sortie
- Version exclusive Rough Trade
13 novembre 2015 en double cd et 4 décembre 2015 en double vinyle
- Version cd simple / vinyle
15 juillet 2016
- Version coffret deluxe
23 septembre 2016

Le mixage audio est différent entre la version exclusive Rough Trade et la version OLI.

Version exclusive Rough Trade

La version cd est accompagnée de 4 photos prise lors de la tournée Vulnicura.

La photo principale a été prise par Carsten Windhorst au Wilderness festival, la 2ème aux Nuits de Fourvière, la 3ème au Pohoda festival et la 4ème lors du concert à la Spandauer Zitadelle

Voir le coffret version deluxe

A propos de Vulnicura Live

’vulnicura live’ offers a fresh take on the already harrowing ’vulnicura’ , which tells the tale of a deteriorating relationship and subsequent transformation in raw, heartbreaking detail . the pain and hope harnessed in those studio recordings sees a cathartic release on ’vulnicura live’ , but we also take special pleasure in bringing reworked renditions of older favorites ’undo’ , ’come to me’ , ’i see who you are’ and ’mutual core’ , imaginatively updated for the ’vulnicura’ era ( or should I say ’vulnic-era’ ? no , i probably shouldn’t . ) by arca and haxan cloak . all of these things and more make ’vulnicura live’ an all-around package that we are particularly proud to bring back to you .

but wait , there’s more ! september 23 of this year will see the release of ’vulnicura live mask edition’ , a most extravagant expansion of ’vulnicura live’ . included in the box will be the original album in double lp , cd and 320kbps mp3 format , as well as 6 photo prints in a glassine sleeve , and then the crazy part : an actual exclusive 3d low polygon björk moth paper mask ! based on an original james merry design , the mask was developed in collaboration with wintercroft . the box set itself was designed at m/m (paris) .
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édition double cd limitée

édition double vinyle limitée (picture disc)

édition cd simple

édition vinyle

luxury edition