Musicien/ne - Remix

Groupe islandais de musique électronique. Leur musique se caractérise par des rythmes lourds, rapides et complexes et des synthés texturés et fluides.

Travail avec Björk

sideproject à propos de leur travail sur Ovule

Björk explained to us the conceptual elements and world-building behind the album when she invited us to make beats for her. She explained where the song was set in her mind – some obscure Finnish jazz bar that exists in the future. She said, it should sound like the Cantina band. So we tried for a jazzy, futuristic beat.

Atli Finnsson - The Guardian

we are so very proud of our work on the track ’ovule’ from bjork ’s new album
contributing to this song has been a great honour and a wonderful experience, words can not describe how much we learned along the way. ❤
we want to thank you bjork for your beautiful vision and revolutionary contribution to music, and we want to thank all of our friends, family and favorite artists for your endless inspiration.
go listen !