I have placed a glass egg, above us floating
An oval ovule in a dark blood red void
Carries our digital selves, embracing and kissing

My skin-mud dense by you, I anchor our darks
I anchor our darks
Sleep with one eye open, watching our sub-selves

The keel of our ship, these obstacles are just teaching us
So we can merge even deeper into our own personal mineral
Fuse alloy, ship ahoy
The hostility a broken heart endures
The velocity of the injury is returnеd to the world
With the same grin showing teeth

Whеn I was a girl I felt love was a building
I marched towards our deadly demonic divorces demolished the ideal
Now with your romantic intelligence, sensual tenderness
We dissolve old habits and place a glass egg above us floating
In the dark blood red oval void
Our lovemaking avatars in a shell



2e single de Fossora. Le titre, ainsi que le clip réalisé par Nick Knight ont été révélés le 14 septembre 2022.

Une version moins aboutie du morceau est présente sur les premiers pressages de l’album.


Ovule 3:38
Ovule (demo) 3:33
Ovule feat. Shygirl (Sega Bodega Remix) 3:45


Production / Paroles / Ecriture : Björk
Beats : Björk, sideproject, El Guincho
Ingénieurs du son : Bergur Þórisson, Jake Miller
Mixage / mastering  : Heba Kadry
Percussion : Soraya Nayyar
Trombone : Bergur Þórisson

ovule for me is my definition of love
it is a meditation about us as lovers walking around this world
and i imagine 2 spheres or satellites following us around
one above us that represents ideal love
one below us representing the shadows of love
and we ourselves walk around in the third sphere of real love ,
where the everyday monday-morning meet-in-the-kitchen-love lives in


On the walk, she said that she was glad we’d talked about “Ovule,” a lurching, trombone-driven standout from Fossora. The song outlines her theory that we each carry three “eggs,” filled with ideals, realities, and darkness. It is also about the way that Björk’s view of human connection has morphed since her girlhood, when she dreamed only of fairy-tale romance. “You realize, as you get older, it’s not so black and white,” she had said. “Love is in lots more places. And it’s just as strong. It just lives in other shapes.”

The Atlantic


words and music by björk
trombone and timpani arrangement by björk
beat by björk
produced by björk
engineered by bergur ϸorisson and jake miller
percussion : soraya nayyar
trombone : bergur ϸorisson
mixed & mastered by heba kadry
vinyl mastering by josh bonati


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