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AOL Chat, 17 novembre 1995

I’m Björk and this looks very exciting ! I’ve never done this before.

Björk, do you have any concert videos available ?I’ve been looking all over for one and can’t find any. If you do how can I get one ? By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

The last tour was recorded and was called Vessel and it’s availalbe in record shops. It’s on Elektra Video. But because I’m a silly perfectionist, I actually think this tour is much better and I’m planning to record one of the “Post” concerts and that should be out next year. So could you please rather buy that one.

Hi Björk—saw your concert Sunday in Cleveland—you just emit such energy I had to stay in the back during the whole show. My question is, do you, as a performer, feel the energy we as fans give out ?

It really differs from night to night. A lot of it has to do with what mood I’m in. Sometimes I just have to sing for myself Sometimes it feels very natural to communicate. Sometimes I even try to, if I’m tired, to get energy off the crowd. But I find it difficult. It’s kind of more in my system to be self-sufficient when it comes to energy. But I’m learning.

Your vocal range is very powerful and you always seem to be pushing it. Does it take its toll and how do you recover ?

What seems to be my problem is that I use too much energy and that’s then makes my voice suffer. I don’t think actually singing makes me hoarse. So what I’m trying to learn is to save myself for the concerts. And do what matters, prioritize, sing instead of doing small talk.

Do you plan to do any more work with PJ Harvey ?

We meet sometimes and giggle about how obvious it is that we are gonna do this until we’re 80. But I’m not sure if we’ll work together, we’ll just have to see that. But what is more important is that I think we can support each other. And obviously we understand quite easily without any words each other’s jobs.

what is your birthdate ? some say its nov.20 some say its nov 12 could you tell me what it is ?

It’s Nov. 21

Has the tour been difficult in terms of the demands of being a mother ?

I knew a year ago that I had to be away for 2 months. The rest of the year we’ve been together. I’ll see him in 3 days and I can’t wait. I saw him last four weeks ago. But I’ve planned next year that we will be together for the whole year. He’s coming with me to Asia on the tour and is doing his homework through the Internet.

Will your episode of MTV Unplugged ever be shown in the US ?

I don’t know.

Are you planning to do any other Gaultier shows, because you looked FABULOUS on that

I did that one more as a favor to Jean Paul because I think he’s a gorgeous person. He’s one of those people who manages to be both mad and emotionally healthy. I don’t have any ambition when it comes to catwalks. But working together with people that I admire has always been and will always be my greatest turnon.

Are you gonna have out a new album soon ?

An album will come out next spring called “Telegram” which is a collection of new songs and other arrangements of the “Post” songs. What I’m most excited about on the album is a lot of collaborations which are precious to me on that.

why did you leave the Sugarcubes ?

There’s always the right time for everything. The Sugarcubes had done everything they could do to help change the world and themselves. Which basically means MOVE ON.

How do you feel about the film work you’ve done ?

I flirted with acting as a teenager and feel very lucky to have been able to try it. But what I found out is each person should only focus on one job and be completely unconditionally devoted to that job. So I picked singing.

Björk, any chance for a cubes reunion ?


My wife and I both love “Atlantic.” This song is so beautiful, it deserves a single and video. Is there any possibility of an orchestral version on an upcoming disk ? And can I find its lyrics anywhere (English or Icelandic) ?

I guess the lyrics are on the Japanese “Human Behaviour” single. Thanks for the compliment.

Will you ever record a straight jazz record other than gling-glo. Do you have any plans to try rap ?

I would like to remind the U.S.A. record buyers that Icelandic I mean Icelanders were the first European rappers. They started 1,000 years ago.

Why did you write “Bedtime Story” for Madonna, and do you ever plan to record that song yourself ?

That lyric especially written for her and the song belongs to her. Why did I write it ? I guess I was asked. First I thought it wasn’t right because I function purely on instinct. But then I thought maybe I could write a lyric from an objective point of view of what I’ve always wanted to hear her say. But she’s never said. So that was kind of an angle that made me wanna do it. And I’m very proud to have been able to take part of that project.

I find your lyrics quite captivating. Do you ever write poetry and if so have you considered publishing it.

As a teenager I flirted with a whole bunch of things, including making a poetry book. Again, I came to the conclusion that I was born singing, I should stick to that.

who do you credit as the most help with your music ?

The most terrifying stage of leaving the Sugarcubes was not the fact that I thought I was not musically capable, but more that I would get lonely. I realized later that I’ve probably never had as many intimate anti-lonely relationships in my life. And it’s impossible to say who are more important than others. I’ll name a few : Nellee Hooper, Paul White(he does my album design), Michel Gondry (he makes the videos), Marius DeVries (he’s a programmer), Guy Sigsworth (he’s a keyboardist and my M.D. when I play live), Leila Arab (she’s a keyboardist and a live mixer), and Howie B, Tricky, GRAHAM MASSEY, and not to mention all the people that work with me not on a musical basis, which I find just as important. I could easily go on forever. I love all of them.

“It’s oh so quiet” is my favorite song..... what gave you the idea ??

Guy found it in a truckstop and it became the tour anthem of last tour. Turned us on before the gigs. And the rest is history.

What do you think of Annie Lennox remaking “Mama” ?

It’s the only time I’ve heard another person sing my lyrics and I was very chuffed about that. Chuffed is kind of a combination of grateful and flattered, and speechless.

Are you still planning to rerecord ‘post’ with more orchestral arrangements ?

I already have. I will do some more and it will come out on “Telegram,” the record that comes out in the spring.

Björk, do you prefer recording or performing ?

I’ve been playing live since I was 5 years old, and that is the most natural thing for me. Later in life, I started doing records and I find it a very very different process. In a way very unnatural. And that kind of makes it a challenge. So I look at them as opposites, but I don’t prefer one to the other. But it’s very important for me that a gig is a gig, and a record is a record. And that’s why I completely rearranged my songs for the concerts.

I got You “Elska” : Hi Björk, Ashley here, living good thoughts ! Could you say HELLO to Sigga & Joel for us back in Reykjavik...thankyou... ;-] Uncle Ash and Turbo Tom xo

Yes I will

Hello from San Diego, California. I heard you are a blackbelt in Karate. Is this true ?

No. I wish. I’m a red belt.

In the past few years you’ve been getting alot of recognition for your videos as well as your music. Do you get very involved with the making of your videos ?

yes Especially the relationship with Michel Gondry, that is a very very 50/50 kind of thing. We are now just about to do our fourth video together and we both live in London now, so we basically meet, have a chat, and it’s amazing we finish each other’s sentences and seem to know exactly what each other thinks. I must say, though, that it was an honor to meet Spike Jonze and I think of all the people I met last year (and I met thousands) he’s probably the biggest talent and the most genuine character. The best thing about him, though, is the feeling you get that he’s just started. That he’s gonna be doing what he’s doing for another 50 years. The best is yet to come.

Will there be anymore videos from the new album ?

“Hyper Ballad” I’m just about to do with Michel There’s a possibility I might do “I Miss You” with John K, who did originally “Ren & Stimpy” He did a drawing of me dancing with him and I’m completely EXCITED.

Hi Björk ! Have you ever “surfed to net” before ?

My son does it and one of my oldest friends he takes care of my Internet file in London so he comes to my house for cups of teas and surfs it. I watch.

Björk, how do you say cheers, or hello in icelandic ?

Hallo and Cheers is ‘skal.’

Is your real name Björk ?

Yes. It means birch.

What has been the hardest part of your journey to this level of success ?

I get too easily excited and wanna do too many things. To accept that I should only do a few things and do them well.

you are my favorite singer who is yours

Elis Regina, Nusrat Alleh Fateh Khan, Chaka Khan, Chet Baker, Milton Nascimento, Polly, and Martina (she sings with Tricky). I’m probably forgetting someone.

What do you do in spare time ?

What spare time ?

What inspired the song “HyperBallad” ?

The critical time in a relationship, which usually happens after 3 years, and I can see all around me with all my friends. It’s got to do that when you fall in love it is so precious to you, you never know this might be the last time, so your behaviour towards the loved one becomes very sweet and you go somewhere else to be aggressive. Because I believe that all people have got both sides. So you end up having to unload your aggressions at a bar or by throwing cuttlery off cliffs. So you can come back to your loved one, kiss him sweet on his cheek, and say happily, ‘Hi honey.’

are you feeling violently happy ?

I guess I’m one of those people who feel 900% what they feel. And I go through a lot of different kind of emotions, say in the period of a week. But everything is always very exaggerated when it comes to me, but then again I honestly think everybody feels like that, they just don’t show it.

Björk, PLEASE what are the lyrics to Human Behavior, especially the part right after “you’d better get ready to get confused”. I love to sing the song but have to slur the words there. Thanks !

You probably refering to my much talked about gibberish. People think it’s Icelandic, but it’s actually whatever noise it feels naturally to sing. I tend to want to have songs that way that there are sections which are strict always the same lyrics and train your discipline and then have sections which are space and I can do whatever I want. So every time I sing those sections, they’re different. Sometimes Icelandic words, but mostly gibberish.

how did you meet up with Talvin from The Banshees ? And do you have plans to let him play tabla again ?

I met Talvin when I was looking for Indian string orchestra to play on “Venus As A Boy.” Found out later that he was a tabla player. He toured the “Debut” tour with me. He couldn’t do this one cause he had already agreed to do Massive Attack, but we both talk about it when we meet in London that we’d love to work together later.

How do you like living in London, in terms of the food, clubs, the men (!), etc.?

It’s a cosmopolitan city, which I love very much. Very convenient. I personally prefer Iceland, but it would takes months to do there things that takes a day in London. But now I’ve been there for 3 years and I’ve got a precious selection of very good friends there. Which makes me very happy.

Björk, how did feel about one of your videos appearing and being discussed on a recent Beavis and Butt- Head episode ?

I saw 2 years ago them trying to work out the plot in “Human Behaviour” I felt very honored about the attention there.

Yo Björk wanna have cyber sex

I read about cybersex a few years ago and got completely into it, but my problem with it would be that I could only have it with certain people that I already know, so that kind of misses the point

Thank you very much.

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