Björk à propos de l’influence de Londres sur son travail

I’m still on my same indie label. When I went to London first in the 90s, I felt like “oh, I found my music” - It was really perfect timing for me because I’d been listening at home to like Kate Bush, Brian Eno, a lot of electronic music, Soft Cell. I was basically obsessed with electronic music but none of my friends were sort of listening to that but when I went to a rave in Manchester in ’89 and I was like “oh my god there’s a warehouse with people just playing just that electronic music all night.” Basically, all my dreams came true and I feel like I just discovered my branch on the musical tree which is basically electronic music I guess. And I’m sort of still on that branch — very happy there because a lot of other people have joined that branch after that that were from the next generation.

Bjork - Zane Lowe - Apple Music 1