Look no further
Look no further
Look no further

always to ourselves
it musn’t
get any better

It’s in our hands : it always was
It’s in our hands : in our hands
It’s all there : in our hands
It’s all there : in our hands

aren’t we scaring ourselves
unecessarily ?
aren’t we trying too hard ?

’Cause it’s in our hands
it’s in our hands
it’s all here : it’s in our hands

Look no further
Look no further

It’s in our hands : it always was
it’s in our hands

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It’s In Our Hands

Novembre 2002

Single du Greatest Hits


Interprété par Björk
Sample : To Rococo Rot , Gigi Masin (Die Dinge Des Lebens)
Programmations : Björk, Damian Taylor, Guy Sigsworth, Matmos
Programmations additionnelles : Marius de Vries
Ingénieurs Enregistrement et protools : Jake Davies , Valgeir Sigurðsson
Production : Bjork
Mixage : Mark "spike" Stent


Dessin : Gabriela Fridriksdottir
Design : M/M (Paris)


Ce titre est l’inédit présent sur le Greatest Hits. Björk avait écrit ce titre pendant la conception de Vespertine, comme l’atteste sa présence dans une version Démo sur un CD qui a circulé sur internet avant la sortie de Vespertine. À l’époque nommé "Our Hands", ils dispose d’une fin plus énergique.

Björk a interprété ce titre sur le Vespertine Tour à la fin de chaque concert, dans une version live proche de la démo.

Björk à propos du titre

"It was nice to do a full-blooded song after doing a whole album that didn’t have any blood in it, though that was the point with Vespertine, that it was see-through like a crystal. When we played it live, we were all looking forward to rocking out."

Record Collector, August 2002

La presse à propos du titre

...she closed the show with the B-side "Our Hands," reminding New Yorkers of the fragile state of their city and leaving them both empowered and thought-provoked : "Aren’t we scaring ourselves unnecessarily ?...It’s in our hands, it always was.


..the happiest surprise is the new song, "It’s In Our Hands", which confirms that, at 37 and after twenty-five years of creating music, Bjork isn’t giving up anytime soon, which is music to all her fans’ ears !


It’s minimal, it’s got squelchy beats and there’s a gentle twisted angel enunciating each word exactly in a bizarre idiolect... it must be the new Björk single.
It’s In Our Hands is the staple new track of Björk’s recent Greatest Hits and there’s enough about to suggest that it would have got on there anyway, whether it were old or new. Not dissimilar to the Scatterheart tune from the Selmasongs album, it’s nu-Björk in full effect, all restrained and heartfelt. It won’t convert any new fans, but then that’s never what Björk tracks are about, are they ? They are simple pieces of individual beauty to be enjoyed over and over again, and Hands is an ideal example of that. Rating : 8/10


Following the release of her ’Greatest Hits’ and the stunning box set ’Family Tree’ Björk releases the single ’It’s In Our Hands’ on November 25. Another bold leap into the unknown, ’It’s In Our Hands’ fractured rhythms and startling melody support a characteristically individual message : it’s in our hands, it really is. The single, produced by Björk and Matmos’s Drew Daniel, comes in 2 CDs, a DVD and a 12".
The DVD features the magical video directed and shot by Spike Jonze (Fatboy Slim, Beastie Boys, Being John Malkovich) in which Björk wonders through a wonderland of giant plants and flying fish – as sublime a four-minute fantasy one might imagine when two singular talents as these collaborate. CD2 and the 12" features the electro mix by Soft Pink Truth, which has proven popular at both club and radio. And spread across the other formats are live tracks taken from last year’s groundbreaking Vespertine tour and a version of So Broken performed on Later With Jools in 98.



It’s in Our Hands (Arcade mix) 3:45 Matmos
It’s in Our Hands (Soft Pink Truth mix) 3:48 The Soft Pink Truth



  • Jake Davies