Robert Eggers

Robert Eggers


Scénariste et réalisateur américain, né à Lee (New Hampshire). Il a réalisé The Witch en 2015 et The Lighthouse en 2019.


À l’occasion d’une invitation à dîner chez Björk, Robert Eggers a pu rencontrer Sjon et découvrir ses écrits. En résulte la participation de ce dernier au scénario du film The Northman.

Collaboration avec Björk

Courte apparition dans le rôle de la sorcière slave. Elle participe également à la BO.

Robert Eggers à propos de Björk

Björk, c’est Björk. Ce n’est pas un personnage, c’est elle. J’ai rencontré d’autres célébrités dont l’aura semble fabriquée, fallacieuse, mais avec Björk, il n’y a pas photo. Qui d’autre aurait pu jouer cette devineresse parée de bijoux mieux qu’elle

Huffington Post - Mai 2022

How did you get Björk for her first film role in almost two decades ?
It was a familial environment for her. I was introduced to Björk by Robin Carolan, who’s one of the composers, and he’s also one of my best friends. And then Björk introduced me to [Icelandic novelist and The Northman’s co-writer] Sjón. She’s known Sjón since they were teenagers. My wife and I have developed a relationship with Björk over the years, and she liked the role.
Did you write it with her in mind ?
Of course. Yes.

GQ Magazine

The other special effect in the movie is getting Björk back onscreen for a brief role, which marks her first performance since “Dancer in the Dark.” How did you pull that off ?
One is never in the position of convincing Björk. She is either all-in or not in at all. It helped that she and Sjón have such a long relationship, as they’ve known each other since they were teenagers. Our composer Robin Carolan has a friendship with Björk and introduced me and my wife to her and then we developed a relationship. It was a familial atmosphere, so she felt comfortable doing it. Also, her daughter Doa had to audition but ended up in the film as well. She plays the enslaved woman who sings with Jonas Lorentzen around the fire.
How did you develop the concept for the Björk character ?
She read the scene, we talked about it, and she was down. She contributed to the idea that she would have a third eye and her real eyes would be covered. We knew from archeological evidence from the proto-Ukrainian tribe that we set that portion of the story in that there were cowrie shells in the headgear of the women, so we justified hanging them over her eyes.

Indie Wire

Björk à propos de Robert Eggers

What kind of director is Robert Eggers ?
He was incredible, he was really patient, because I am not an actress, I am a musician. There was a lot of space for everybody’s opinion and characters. There was a lot of humor, kindness, intelligence. I am honoured to be part of it and Robert is an incredible artist.

The Northman, official podcast