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Scénario : Sjón et Robert Eggers


The Northman

de Robert Eggers

Ce thriller de vengeance du réalisateur de The Witch et The Lighthouse, se déroule en Islande au Xe siècle. Robert Eggers a co-écrit le scénario, avec le poète et romancier islandais Sjón, ami et collaborateur de longue date de Björk.



Au xe siècle, Amleth, un prince nordique, se lance dans une quête afin de venger la mort de son père, tué par le vieux Heimir le fou.


Alexander Skarsgård, Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicole Kidman, Ethan Hawke, Claes Bang, Willem Dafoe


Une Björk méconnaissable mais dans un costume somptueux, l’un des plus élaborés du film précisent les notes de production. Il est le fruit d’un mélange entre les tuniques en lin, les robes brodées des femmes slaves et les tenues de bataille en peaux de bêtes, leurs têtes incluses.
Sa longue robe est entièrement recouverte de broderies. Sa jupe ouverte consiste en un assemblage de ceintures en laine et de clochettes. Ses bracelets sont faits en écorce de bouleau. Ils sont retenus par des bandeaux tressés. Björk porte à son coup plus d’une dizaine de colliers et sur sa tête une très imposante coiffe en épis d’orge. La devineresse n’a plus l’usage de ses yeux. En lieu et place des orbites vides, deux coquillages confèrent à son personnage un caractère inquiétant, voire mystique.

Huffington Post - Mai 2022

Björk à propos du film

This year marks your return to acting with your performance in “The Northman.” What drew you to this role and why now ?
I sort of did it as a favor for a friend. It’s not really my thing ; I’ve been blessed with some offers through the years, but I’m more a musician than an actress. I’m in the film for like 30 seconds — it’s more a guest appearance. But it was really fun, and [screenwriter] Sjón is such a genius when it comes to historical accuracy. He comes from a real world of archaeology and anthropology, so he’s quite authentic in how he approaches historical things.

LA Times - Janvier 2022

La rencontre entre Eggers et Sjón

Robin Carolan, a friend from Brooklyn, who has worked with Björk, had suggested that Eggers and Shaker meet the singer during their visit. “We were, like, ‘That’s fine, we don’t need to see Björk,’ ” Eggers said. (She makes him feel that he has to find something interesting to say.) They went to Björk’s house. She cooked salmon. She had seen “The Witch” and introduced Eggers to Sjón, who had written a novel about seventeenth-century witchcraft in Iceland. When he got home, Eggers read Sjón’s books. “I was, like, this guy’s a fucking magician,” Eggers said. “He sees all time, in time, out of time.” A year later, after learning about Skarsgård and Knudsen’s proposed Viking project, Eggers called Sjón and asked him to co-write a script. Knudsen said, “I’ve never been involved with a project of this size that . . . the pieces just fell into place at the right time.” (Carolan is the film’s co-composer, with Sebastian Gainsborough.)

New Yorker - avril 2022

Is it right that Sjón and Robert Eggers met through you ?
Robert Eggers and I have a mutual friend, who told me that Robert was coming to Iceland. When he came here, I set up a dinner and I invited my friend Sjón as well. I thought they would get alone, because they have something in common. But I wasn’t thinking to work on a thing, I was just thinking more to a conversation.
Would you say you are a foundation stone for the film ?
Maybe I am a sort of midwife for something. But even when I talked to Alexander Skarsgärd, it sounded like he wanted to do a viking film for a long time. So I think there are many reasons for why this film exists.
Who your character is in The Northman ? What role she performs in the story ?
I guess I am like a shaman, so I am someone who people would have a conversation with, if they want to connect with their subconscious. There are three shamans in the film, acted by me, Icelandic actor Ingvar Eggert Sigurösson and Willem Dafoe. We all three act the same force of the same person, we come from the subconscious or from the underworld, reminding the lead characters about their mission or their purpose in life.
What did you feel like to be in this universe when you were filming ?
The set was absolutely gorgeous, with the smells of all the woods of which the sets were made. It was almost like you didn’t have to act, because it was just so realistic that you felt like you were there. And of course Robert and Alexander are famous for the background in sets.
Coming from Iceland, why do you think there is such a fascination with viking history ?
In the last twenty years in archeology they’ve been discovering that vikings had a complex culture, with poetry, weavings, textiles, as any tribes or clans that were alive at that time. I think in Iceland we have had an iron army for many hundreds of years. We are more Switzerland than Switzerland when it comes to war. The viking story happened one thousand years ago. I would say that in Iceland, from the 14th century and after that, there was much less violence and so for 700 years we have had a really peaceful country. We became more like the documentarians, the people who are riding the sagas, riding the story books and preserving the music scores. Also being in an island so far away from Europe, we sort of ward our lands from wars or conflicts. I would say in the last twenty years Icelanders have been really connecting to the viking time, but more to the cultural side of things, of poetry, of the literature, of the sagas, not of the war and the violence.

The Northman, official podcast


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