Sortie 1999


Design : M/M (Paris)
Photo : Inez + Vinoodh


Compilation des clips (1993-1999)

Inez van Lamsweerde à propos de la pochette

“We shot these pictures in France in an estate very close to Monet’s garden,” Lamsweerde says, describing the front and back covers of Volumen, the DVD compilation that Björk released in 1999. “In the first image, Björk is holding this doll made out of rope. At the time, I had found a book called The Secret Life of Dolls, filled with images of dolls, beautifully photographed throughout the century. There was one made out of rope, and I was so touched by it somehow, so Michael and Mathias [Michael Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak, founders of renowned graphic design studio M/M (Paris)] made this doll based on the image. Björk was also looking at all of these tarot cards, and she sent me images of decks of cards that she found, inspired by sorceress imagery. In the other image, she has these threads coming out of her mouth that symbolize emotions and feelings. Michael and Mathias constructed a device with the threads that she could hold in her mouth. We probably could have done that through Photoshop, but Björk is not someone that separates life from performance ; it’s all one thing.”

Artsy- Mars 2015