her future

Musically, I feel that I’m just beginning, now that I’ve learned a lot of things, both about studios
and about myself and after all the collaborations. I’ve learned a lot from all the musicians I’ve worked with. In a way doing this greatest hits album, you kind of empty your attic or something, you’ve got a clean slate. I think it’s time to get a lot more slates and start a lot more serious work. I still feel I haven’t done it as well as I’d like to, so I have far to go. But I’ve been brave so far. I’ve learned a lot of stuff. But I think when I’m 80 and I look back, the best stuff I’m most proud of, I’ll probably do when I’m about 50 or something. So I’ve got to keep up the hard work.

www.cnn.com, Sunday, October 20, 2002